Making the perfect lump of clay – tutorial

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One very important skill that everyone should know is how to make the perfect lump of clay. A lump of clay may not look like much but it is actually extremely useful for a variety of reasons. Have you ever run out of rocks in your backyard? Well if you knew how to sculpt the perfect lump of clay, you could sculpt your own rocks! Alternatively you could be asked to sculpt a lump of clay for someone who really just needs a good lump of clay. You may be talented in sculpting everything else, but what if all your customer wants is a simple lump of clay? Lumps of clay also make really good decorations for a variety of things. A larger lump could be used for a paperweight or doorstopper. Smaller lumps can be glued to the top of a small box for the ultimate deco, or around a photoframe as an alternative to conventinal sweets deco. My boyfriend David also says that going a little crazy and sticking a small lump of clay on a larger lump of clay is the hippest thing to do these days to phones. Anyway let’s get started on making our perfect lump of clay!

Start with a small, carefully sculpted piece of clay folded over the top like so. The shape has to be somewhat spherical, with a bit of folding over on the top like shown in the picture. Without the folds it is impossible to make the perfect lump of clay.

Knead your carefully sculpted ball of clay and fold it over a few times. It is important that your ball looks nothing like the first step at all after this process, because the first picture doesn’t look anything like the perfect lump of clay. If after kneading and you find that your shape still looks like the first shape, you’re doing it wrong.

Tada! Shape your lump a bit and you’ve got your lump of clay! Any customer who asks you to sculpt them a lump of clay will be pleased when you finish this one for them!

Here is a picture of some common mistakes people make when sculpting a lump of clay. The first one from the left is way too round to be a lump. In fact it is a sphere of clay! Which wouldn’t pass off as a rock at all in your backyard, unless it was some sort of freak of nature rock. The second one is the top of a macaroon and that is definitely not a lump of clay. I am not sure why so many people start off to sculpt a lump of clay but end up with half a macaroon. Lastly, the third one might look like a lump of clay but it is definitely not lumpy enough. It just looks like a sphere trying to pass off as a lump of clay.



  1. hahahah :D
    I saw on your following post that this one was an april fool, good one though :D
    Nothing beats a perfect lump of clay :D

  2. Your tutorials exceed my expectations.. Forget beautiful macarons and skill-full crullers!! We need more lumps!!

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  4. haha at first I thought this was an actual tut.
    I was laughing so hard !!
    I love your blog!

  5. Ella says

    atlast! the solution to increase the number of rocks in my garden.

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