Clay tart tutorial

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Hello everyone! Tonight is the last final of the tennis so I will be back with most posts after today. Unfortunately i’ve decided to extend the tutorial request date to the 21st of March which is the day of my medical admission exam. I really need to concentrate on my studies for this final month and a half since it determines what i’ll do for the rest of my life… that’s a lot of pressure! Also, i’ve updated the deco cream page to include a road test of how the modelling cream has held up over the past month.

Anyway, to the tart tutorial!

It’s a little hard to explain how to make a tart shell. It took me a lot of practice before I got it right. There’s a lot of shaping involved which I can’t explain by pictures or words or video, but i’ll try my best.

1. Start with a small sphere of dough coloured clay.

2. Press down in the middle of the sphere to make a shallow round bit in the middle. Very lightly pinch around the sides to make a the shape shown.

3. Make small indents around the side of the tart base with the side of a needle so that it looks like the picture below.

4. This part is hard for me to explain. Basically push the middle ‘out’ to the sides so you get a nice shallow base in the middle. If this makes the sides a bit too tall compared to the middle then press the sides down a bit too.

5. Press lightly with a hard toothbrush to rough up the sides to make a crumbly tart base texture.

6. This is what it should look like. This is also when you should brown the tart sides. I completely forgot to do it until after I put the filling in, which makes it a lot more difficult. So don’t forget to brown!

7. Mix some liquid polymer clay with some pastel shavings with a q-tip.

8. Carefully put some mix in the middle of the tart.

9. And there is the basic tart! Look here for some fruit ideas to decorate your tart.



  1. lois says

    this is so cool! your tart looks so real!

    anw, good luck for your exams! my exam ends only at the end of this year; long wayy to go!

    all the best!

    • Sorry for the late reply, thank you very much! And thank you for the luck I need it… good luck for you too when it comes around :).

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  3. Cottonball says

    Hi Tiff, can I ask which color and brand you’re using for the waffles and pies? I have a hard time finding the right color :( Thanks!

  4. Laura says

    How did you make the little tarts with the swirl decorations? *refers to first picture* =.=;

    • Oh those are very easy, basically when you fill your tart shell with liquid sculpey use a toothpick to place ‘dots’ of liquid sculpey in another colour. In my case it was white and brown dots. Then use a needle to drag ‘through’ the dots and you’ll end up with nice swirls. It takes a bit of practice but once you get used to it they’re easy :).

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