Clay pie tutorial

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Ok so I felt bad for leaving a pie tutorial until after the 31st so here it is. I’ve been having a blast watching the tennis and January is arguably my favourite month because of it. Last night I got to watch the Belgian former no.1 Justine Henin play in her comeback tournament so my life is pretty complete now. Anyway i’ve got a fruit tart tutorial coming up later because i’m not sure if my request was for a pie or a tart, so I made both in case.

I’ve also got good news: I bought a mini-tripod today! Hopefully we can wave goodbye to the days of blurry one hand photos and sometimes clearer instructions because I can have both hands in the camera now. And I have Photoshop CS2 now which has a nifty ‘exposure’ function that really makes the lighting somewhat better – it’s no substitute for good, bright sunlight though.

1. Start with a little ball of dough coloured clay and a flat disk of ‘filling’. I’m making a lemon pie today so my filling is yellow.

2. Flatten your ball of dough coloured clay and try to keep it as circular as possible (I failed). Put your filling right in the middle and wrap the sides around the filling. If some of the sides extend further than the top of the filling, carefully cut the top so that it is all nice and flat on top.

3. Turn your pie onto the side and roll it a bit the make the sides flat.

4. Make a very long snake and fold it in half.

5. Take the ends of the snake and twist in opposite directions to make a twist. (This is the picture that convinced me to buy a tripod. Worst photo ever.)

6. This is what it should look like after you’ve twisted the ends.

7. Put your twisty sausage around the top like this. Usually pies look much better cut into slices than left whole when they’re made with this method. There are other methods that I don’t have the tools for so I can’t show you, but when/if I do get the tools i’ll definitely show you how to do it. Also, before you cut you should try to visualise what the slices will look like. My natural instinct is to cut all my pies and cakes into eight slices but usually that makes the slices look too thin. For this pie, cutting six slices was near perfect. Remember to brown your crust before you bake!

To decorate your pie, it’s easiest to look at pictures of real pies and decorate accordingly with fruits and cream and stuff. Look here for some decoration tutorials.



  1. Sparklewolfie says

    it looks very cute and sweet! I want to try and make this type of thing with clay too…

    • Thank you! It’s really not hard but does take a little bit of practice. It’s really fun to do though :).

  2. lily says

    Hi. i just want to tell you… that youre amazing :) all your creations look reallyreally nice.

    do you use the same clays for all the things you make? (waffles, dango, fruits, etcetc) Sculpey III? Premo?? I would like to know so i could actually attempt at making these things.

    thank you!!

    • Hahaha thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m not sure if i’m up to ‘amazing’ level yet (google ‘PetitPlat’ and you’ll see what amazing really is!).

      I use Sculpey III but I don’t recommend it at all, it is waaay too sticky and soft and really hard to get any detail on. I’m slowly switching to Fimo but Fimo is too hard! It hurts your hand a lot to knead Fimo until its soft enough to work with. I haven’t tried Premo yet but from reviews i’ve heard that it’s like polymer clay heaven to work with, I don’t have a chance to try it out because they don’t sell it here in my city. Out of Sculpey and Fimo i’d suggest Fimo, even though it hurts your hands a lot to knead it it’s still less frustrating than Sculpey.

      I’ve also heard that you can mix the different polymer clays. I have mixed Sculpey and Fimo together so I can try to use up all my Sculpey. Just bake at the lowest temperature out of the two package instructions and keep an eye on it :).

  3. Minty1235 says

    Ur tutorials r really great!!!! They r very useful 2 me. :D anyway can u make a tutorial on the strawberry pies in the first picture? Please? Khans for slicing 2…. Please????

    • Minty1235 says

      I meant tutorials instead of khans… How did khans come out anyway? :/

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