Whipped cream for sweets deco – a mini tutorial

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Recently I became a member of the LJ deco-den community and I posted this mini-tute there too so don’t be alarmed if you see two things at the same place! This is a mini tutorial on how to make fake whipped cream for your sweets and sweets deco. Right now the most popular thing used seems to be silicon, but i’ve heard that silicon smells bad and that it’s toxic! Plus I know that it’s messy and terrible to clean, so I don’t use it.

Instead I use acrylic modelling paste:

It’s about $10 for a 500mL jar and found at most art supply stores. The real use of this stuff is to create texture on acrylic art, but it is just the right consistency to be piped through a piping bag.

More details after the cut:

You can wash modelling paste off with water, mix it with acrylic paint to make strawberry or chocolate cream, and it doesn’t require a caulk gun to get out. Here is the paste mixed with a little bit of red paint to make pink strawberry cream:

There are some things to be aware of when buying modelling paste:

  • Texture: different brands have different consistencies. Some are runnier and some are really thick. All modelling pastes should be thick enough to use for piping though.
  • Test your paste before you deco with it! Some pastes dry translucent or off white, which you don’t want for your cream. Just add white acrylic paint to your modelling paste if this happens.
  • If you are buying this off the internet then be aware that modelling paste is also called ‘modeling paste’ (US spelling), ‘texture paste’ and ‘molding paste’. Remember to specify acrylic because there is modelling paste for cakes that is actually edible. You don’t want to accidentally buy that.
  • Modelling paste is thicker than silicone. If you are not used to how thick it is, add acrylic paint to it to thin it down.
  • Heavier modelling pastes may be prone to developing cracks. You can paint over it with acrylic paint or more modelling paste.

Another art medium that could be used for cream is impasto. Impasto is pretty much the same thing but a little thinner and dries translucent. The only issue is, when you add white acrylic paint to it to make it opaque it becomes quite runny, and it doesn’t hold its shape well and is a little hard to pipe.

UPDATE:  Modelling paste road test

So I didn’t think this road test through very well haha, I forgot to take good before/after photos so there’s really no pictorial comparison. Thankfully there haven’t been any big issues to show through pictures. This mirror was made about a month ago using a mix of modelling paste and impasto. Here is how it held up:

  • It took about two weeks to dry completely
  • The impasto made it dry with a slightly sticky texture, which attracted a lot of dust on the cream.
  • The items are attached very securely. I took this mirror out with me everywhere the way it is in my bag and nothing has fallen off yet.
  • The paste is unfortunately very heavy – I suspect using a light modelling paste would be better than medium or heavy.
  • There is no peeling of the paste from the plastic at all.

This lid was also made about a month ago and this was made by modelling paste with a small amount of red acrylic paint.

  • This also took about two weeks to dry
  • It dried with a slightly rough, ‘chalky’ texture – very realistically cream like which is what I prefer. Also it is attracting less dust than the impasto+modelling paste mix.
  • It’s not as heavy but i’m not sure if that’s because it’s smaller than the mirror or if it actually is less heavy.
  • The items are still attached very securely.
  • The cream is still very securely attached to the plastic.

Lastly, I need your help guys! Let me know if you have any problems with your experiences, what other brands are like, whether it is sticking to your items, etc. Also ask me if you have any questions :).



  1. Thanks!
    What kind of thing do you use to make those pipes?
    Just a thing like when you are really baking a cake or something special?
    After my exams I am going to check out my craft store ! I hope they have this ^^

    • Yep just a normal cake piping set. I’d look up cake making websites if you’re iffy about piping cream.

  2. That’s a genius idea! I love sweets deco but I’ve always been put off by silicone, if it’s not used correctly it can be quite poisonous. I’ve never thought to use Modeling paste! And Montmarte is one of my favorite brands too :D

    • Lol thank you! It’s not an original idea, I read it somewhere in a book but I can’t remember which book it was! I thought it was one of the Japanese craft books I bought but I went back to look and it wasn’t there so hmm.

      Montmarte is a lot cheaper than the other brands of modelling paste I found in Brissy. The actual price is closer to around $15, but the MontMarte one is only $10.

  3. SammiGene says

    So, can you put rhinestones and heavier items in the modeling paste to decorate it? Or does the silicone caulk only hold that stuff well?

    • Just pipe the paste and stick your items on top like silicone caulk. It’s holding pretty well so far after two weeks.

  4. SammiGene says

    I also wanted to ask if you know how long modeling paste takes to dry? Also, does it stick to everything you want it to, or does it not dry on certain surfaces?

    • It takes about a week to dry completely for something phone sized. As for whether it sticks to everything, i’m not sure yet. I haven’t been able to test every surface. So far I can confirm that it sticks to most plastics.

      Thanks for asking these questions by the way, i’ll address them in the post later. I can’t believe I left out such important info.

      • SammiGene says

        Thanks for answering them. :) I just got some Golden brand extra heavy gel/molding paste. It’s a product that looked to have what I was looking for since we don’t have the brand you have around here. Hopefully it works out. It’s supposed to be excellent for holding peaks, which should be good for fake whipped cream. :D

    • @ SammiGene: Please let me know how the Golden Brand goes. I’ve been looking at Golden for a while :).

      @ Elle Reed: you’re welcome :). Let me know how it goes, I still need a lot of feedback about it.

      • SammiGene says

        I’ll let you know as soon as I get my deco pieces in the mail. :)

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  6. I went and bought some, I found the same brand/size at a junk store for around $7. I made chains of icing to use later on other projects on a surface of cling wrap so I could remove them when dry easily. I left mine on a desk under an aircon vent and it dried to the touch over night, but when I pulled it off the cling wrap it was still wet underneath. I left it another day and it was completely dry. It’s definitely heavier than silicon or decotti but it’s much sturdier too and it doesn’t attract dust like them. I really like it and it’s much more cost effective than the alternatives! <3

    • Thanks for letting me know, especially about the heaviness because i’m really bad at estimating weights between things. And thanks for cling wrap tip too! I never thought of pre-making cream dollops but it would make things much easier for me.

  7. I’m hoping to get something like this next week somewhere …
    On the lid, did you only use the modeling paste? or also the impasto?
    ’cause you said it attracts less dust?

    • Just the modelling paste. The impasto is what attracts dust and I seriously do not recommend it, it’s too hard to work with.

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  9. I tried it out! Went very well ^^ I think the paste was already dry after 3 days … is that possible?

    • Sorry for the late post… it might be dry to the touch but I don’t know about inside, but I don’t think it really matters that much after three days. I’m glad it worked for you :).

    • Thanks for letting me know how its going! It’s working good for me too, but hasn’t fixed my terribly CRAPPY cream piping skills… sigh, more practice :).

  10. SammiGene says

    I tried out the golden extra heavy gel/molding paste that I bought from dickblick.com and it pipes fairly easy. The result came out to a white waxy look. Really strong bond, held peaks well. Less dust collecting. However, the price tag is a little hefty. Almost ten dollars for my little 8 oz jar. It does smell a bit like paste, but I don’t think it’s toxic. If you get a small amount somewhere you don’t want it, you can chip it off. Too much though, and it might be stuck forever.

    I also ordered a decotti set to try it out (a little crazy, I know). The silicone they use dried to a beautiful shine with a slick but rubbery texture, just like the caulk in some bathrooms, really! I bought the tart set and made a keychain and a cell phone charm (which is a really big cell phone charm) and they came out so pretty! The nice thing about the silicone is that if it dries somewhere you want it, you can peel it off with a little bit of work. You can even let it dry in your piping tip, and then peel it out (with a bunch of poking and prodding with a toothpick of course). I think you would have to pull pretty hard for your cabochons to come out though, so you don’t have to worry about that. It does smell and collect dust, however. You’ll want to use it in an open area, and you can wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. Insane price tag, thirty bucks for a kit from strapyaworld.com. Absolutely adorable though.

    I also tried some DAP Alex Plus (Acrylic latex caulk plus silicone) in brilliant white. It comes in a handy tube so I don’t have to use a caulk gun. This stuff is similar to decotti in rubbery-like qualities and it can be peeled a little if you get some on your cabochon where you don’t want it. The texture does dry to a chalky kind of feel, but nothing rubs off of it like real chalk. This stuff does have a smell, but it’s not too entirely noticeable unless you stick your nose really close, which I don’t recommend. It has warnings on the back to work in an open, well ventilated area. Working by a fan or open window should do the trick. This is the most economical at 2-3 dollars for a tube. It does collect dust a little, but you can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

    So what have I been using? Choice number three. The DAP Alex Plus isn’t as shiny as the decotti silicone, but I haven’t been able to find that kind of silicone in a tube that didn’t require a caulk gun, which I’m not into using. I tried a few other things like 100% Acrylic Sealant (never ever again, never use this stuff) which is completely toxic smelling and actually started hurting my lungs a little while I used it. My father is a plumber so he has a lot of this stuff on his truck so I was able to mess with it.

    I also need practice with my piping skills, I usually have to sorta swirl my mistake spots with a toothpick and cover it with a cabochon or rhinestone. :p

  11. Thanks so much SammiGene! Thank you so much for your super detailed post. I would love to use Decotti if I could, I hate how messy it is to spoon modelling paste into a piping bag so Decotti looks heavenly haha, but unfortunately it is waaay out of my budget. I am going to Japan soon though, i’m going to see how much it is and maybe trying it out. I did notice that Golden brand modelling pastes were pretty expensive so I hadn’t tried it out but it doesn’t sound much different from my own cheap brand modelling paste so I don’t think i’ll bother.

    I’m going to look into the DAP thing because it sounds super cheap which is what i’m looking for, unfortunately I live in a city where nothing’s available so I might have a bit of a hard time finding it, but it sounds really good.

    Thanks again for posting this, thank you so much!

    • SammiGene says

      Sure, I wanted to let people know that they don’t have to pay a fortune for cute things! :D You should be able to find that DAP Alex Plus in hardware stores. I actually got mine at Walmart, happy day! It’s so easy just to tape a piping tip on the end and go to town. It gets a little hard to squeeze at the end, but it usually comes out looking decent. However, I recently got new plastic piping tips from the grocery store, and the star tip wasn’t cut right and half of my piping was flat! I think I’ll buy some decent metal ones the next time I’m at a kitchen store so I don’t have to worry about badly cut plastic tips.

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  14. what is clean up like with the modeling paste? can you store it in the piping bag or does it all have to be cleaned up right away?

    • Modelling paste can be cleaned up really easy with water. It’s really just like super thick acrylic paint. You can store it in a piping bag but you need to take the metal tip off. If your tip is plastic then you can leave it on, but I know that some brands of modelling paste will go brown when it touches the metal for too long. So if you’re planning on storing paste in piping bags, I suggest getting a bag with a coupler so you can easily change the tip, put a clip on top so it doesn’t dry out and put the whole thing in a plastic bag.

  15. ella king says

    hello! i love your website! could you put up a tutorial to make fake tea?
    yes it sounds weird but i have these miniature ceramic tea cups, and im wondering how to fill them up with a sort of paint to use as tea, ive tried mixing paint with clear varnish but they dont mix, ok thaaanks :D :) ^_^

    • I’m so sorry about how late this reply is, i’ve been overseas and i’m finally back. Really, really sorry!

      Thank you so much for your compliments! As for fake tea… well I am not very good at it. I know how to make it, but it never turns out right. Since i’m not good at it, i’ll tell you how to do it but I won’t do a full tutorial on it. You can do fake tea in two ways – the first way is to fill your tea cups with liquid polymer clay and a bit of pastel shaving to colour it and bake it like you would for normal clay. The only issue with this is some liquid polymer clays don’t turn out very transparent (the one I use, Sculpey, definitely won’t turn out clear) so you’d end up with something that looks more like hot chocolate. The other issue is I don’t know what would happen if you bake your little cups, if they’re truly ceramic then it should be ok, but I suggest you test one out first! The second method is to use two part epoxy resin – I have absolutely never tried this and I don’t even know how it really works or how you would colour it, but I know that’s how Japanese deco blogs make their fake tea. I am just too scared to try because it sounds like it would be very messy.

      I hope I helped, please ask if you have any more questions, i’ll be really glad to you help you :).

  16. Sarah says

    I mix glue and paper clay together, and it works pretty well. Its alot of work though, and can be difficult to pipe cos of its thickness. Its really quite beautiful when dried though. I glazed it with some varnish and it has an almost marshmellow like consistancy.

    • You’re incredible! That sounds like a ton of work, but it sounds like the results might be worth it. Thanks so much for sharing, but I still maintain that you have superhuman levels of patience to be able to do that :P!

  17. Laura says

    Hey, I have been using just normal brand modeling paste from my local craft store and someone posed to me the idea of varnishing it. Because it doesn’t have a very shiny consistency. I bought a Sculpey varnish from the store, do you think it would work the same for my cream as it does for deco pieces? I would assemble the whole thing, like put on the pieces and everything and then whatever whipped cream is exposed varnish it. If you think the varnish will work…


    • Yep it’ll work fine! I don’t like my cream shiny so I don’t varnish it, but Sculpey varnish will be fine :).

  18. Hi I am from Japan,currently living in Australia,just got a sweet-deco book from home, your web site is
    lovely, lots of information I wanted to know in English!
    Seems getting same kind of clay in here is quite difficult…. I will work it out,
    Just want to say hi and happy to know someone like you who loves our culture ;)

    • Hey Yoshi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, i’m glad I can help you! I do love Japan and I had so much fun there earlier this year :). It’s true that it’s hard to find the same type of clay here… I buy off the internet now because it’s just easier to use air dry clay but the type here is too bad. Anyway thank you very much, and I hope you keep reading :).

  19. Justine says

    For the modelling paste, what would you say is your preferred brand? The Mont Marte in your picture or perhaps something else?

    • Montmarte has never let me down, and to tell you the truth because it has worked for me I haven’t tried that many other brands. I know for a fact that Liquitex is prone to cracking through.

    • Yep that’s it, although I know some brands have been known to crack when dried so unless you’re buying Montmarte brand which I know is good, try to buy the smallest size possible to try out first. If it does crack you could probably fill the cracks up with a bit more paste :).

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  21. Have you thought of using silicone for whipped cream? It gives a shinier, thicker texture that I think looks more like whipped cream. But, it does smell terrible :P Cool tutorials! x

  22. Do you reckon I can find the Mont Marte modelling paste at Riot or Spotlight? You briefly mentioned the weight of the paste and suggested using a light modelling paste. Does Mont Marte come in… different weights? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question. XD Thank you for your awesome tutorials. I got a couple of Whipple sets from Japan last month from a friend… and now I’m addicted to the idea of making my own rather than being restricted to the pieces that were provided in those kits. :)

    • Riot has it, and I think some Spotlights may. Do you live in Brisbane? If you can find one of those weird makeshift discount bookshops that open after shops close down they definitely have it. I am not sure if what I said makes sense lol! Montmarte doesn’t come in different weights because it’s a discount brand, so it’s just the one generic type. It’s not a stupid question at all :).

      I’m glad you like my tutes :). I’m sorry i’ve largely been neglecting my blog and this comment is super overdue!

      • Hi Tiff! I went to Spotlight today and totally forgot to look for the Mont Marte. Oh well, that will be for next time then. I actually live in the Melbourne area. I think we have some of those weird makeshift discount bookshops here, as well! LOL Anyway, I hope to see you posting more again – and soon. Thanks for the reply! :D

  23. MariAn says

    Hi there Tiff! :) I’ve been reading your blog for some time but this is the first time I’ve actually left a comment >__< but I absolutely love your blog! It had all the answers about sweets deco that I've been looking for. I started sweets deco just a few months ago, and I wouldn't have done as well as I have without your help… so thank you very much! :D I owe you a bunch ^__^ This tutorial about modeling paste for whipped cream was wonderful. I didn't want to use silicone so this was just perfect! I use Liquitex's light modeling paste (which really, has a HUGE difference in weight to regular modeling paste, I compared them at the store) and contrary to what you said earlier, I haven't gotten any cracks whatsoever in any of the items I've made with it. It says on the jar just as long as your surface isn't flexible, it shouldn't crack. But, everything I've put on it really stuck on well, and I think I'd have to pry it off forcefully if I wanted anything off. But, the great thing is, it dries quickly (I made a decoden brush that dried completely hard in 3-4 days, I even pressed and poked it and nothing caved in) and it's quite durable. And, somehow, my modeling paste smells curiously sweet, almost icing-like in a strange way, once you get past the initial sharpness (or my sense of smell is just off)… anyways, thank you SO much for everything! Please keep up the great work! :D Oh, by the way, I'd love to show you some of my deco work ^___^ how can I? May I email them to you? :)

    • Yep please email them too me at hikariadeco@gmail.com! I’m so sorry i’ve been so absent, but thank you so, so much for the kind comments :). I’m glad that people still look at my site even though i’m on a giant hiatus that apparently may have no end :(.

      Thank you so much for letting me know about the Liquitex modelling paste! I’m always happy to know about new brands of paste and how they’ll work.

  24. Anonymous :) says

    Hey Tiff,
    I love your work (obviously I cant do any better >.<) Just wondering where do you get your paint?

    • Hey! To be honest I do not remember anymore i’m sorry… it’s been one of those things that’s been hanging around my house forever from when I was a kid! Do you live in Australia? Most bargain discount stores sell little MontMarte paints and I imagine other countries would have discount stores that sell paint too. Any acrylic paint would do, honestly!

  25. Minty1235 says

    Hi I’m really obsessed with clay and so I was looking for ideas and stumbled upon this website… And it was really helpful!!! :) but I was wondering if u can brown with anything besides the chalk pastels or regular chalk?

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