Two clay donut tutorials – striped icing and sprinkles

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Donuts are so easy to make and they look great on a chain as a charm bracelet or as phone straps. If I need to make presents for people I usually make donuts because they look impressive but they’re easy to make large amounts of. Plus I don’t know, for some reason I think they’re really fun to make compared to the other foods too. I’ve got two tutes today on decorating the basic donut.  For the one with striped icing and sprinkles you’ll need to make an iced donut in the basic donut tutorial. Also if you’re wondering about the third twist donut – i’ve got a separate tutorial for that coming.

Read on for the tutorial:


1. Roll your clay into a very, very thin sausage. Chop them up as small as possible.

2. This is a ‘what not to do’ picture. After I chopped up my sprinkles I accidentally clumped them together – unfortunately they stick and you can’t break them apart. Try to keep the individual sprinkles apart and put them aside for now.

3. To get the sprinkles to stay on the clay we’ll use liquid polymer clay as a glue. I’ve found that this is the best way. If you bake the sprinkles on without gluing them on they will fall off, and if you bake sprinkles and donuts separately and then glue them on the glue sometimes makes the donut look uneven on top.

4. Squeeze a bit of liquid clay onto the top of your donut and smooth it as evenly as possible with a toothpick. Try to make the liquid as thin as possible because it bakes translucent, not transparent. This might be an issue if you made coloured icing.

5. Gently pick up some sprinkles on your finger and gently press them onto the donut. After baking try to glaze around the sprinkles with a tiny paintbrush – if you just glaze over the donut then you’ll get thick parts of glaze in the crevices and also sprinkles are usually matte.

Striped Icing

There are two ways to do striped icing. The left one is by using puffy paint and the right one has thin sausages of polymer clay layered on the donut. I prefer the polymer clay method because if you do it right it looks very good, where as the puffy paint always looks messy.

This is the puffy paint that I use for this. See where it says ‘soft and stretchable’? This proves to be an issue because if you press on your donut after it has dried you’ll leave fingerprints on the paint. Very annoying!

After you’ve baked your iced donut just draw the puffy paint on and leave to dry. Very easy!

If you want to do the polymer clay method start of with an unbaked iced donut. Roll a very thin (as thin as humanly possible! this sausage was not as thin as humanly possible – I fail) sausage and apply a thin layer of liquid clay to one side ‘glue’ on your snake in a zigzag pattern (see next picture).

Yeah your snakes should be way thinner than this! Use the pencil/stick/tool that you poked a hole through the donut to poke it again – this breaks the striped icing to look like it ‘dripped’ through the hole. Bake and then glaze the top.



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    • I had to buy it online it’s very hard to find here. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the sprinkles stick with just ordinary glue – I really tried!

  2. Eve says

    Hi.. can you make a tutorial on how to make chocolate chips? =) thanks!

    • Sorry about my late reply, i’m overseas so I haven’t had internet access! I will do one when I get back :).

  3. natania says

    I know you posted this a while ago and everything but i just discovered your website=] I am very satisfied!! I was wondering where you purchased the ‘glossy soft and stretchable paint’ stuff??? I would like to buy some bcuz it seems very helpful but i cant seem to find it anywhere? Thanks:)

    • It’s puff paint and it’s at most craft stores. A good alternative are stained glass paints as well. I don’t know where you live but I live in Australia and Lincraft and Spotlight sell puff paint :). Just ignore if you don’t live in Australia, you’ll probably be looking at those names going ‘whaaaa?’ :).

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