Clay bocchan dango tutorial

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Dango is a sticky rice Japanese ‘dumpling’ – or so I paraphrased from Wikipedia. To tell you the truth i’ve never had dango before, I just know they’re adorable to look at and I hear a lot about them from various anime. Wiki informs me that there are actually a lot of types of dango which is news to me because I always thought they’re just cute multicoloured balls, but as it turns out you’ve got sesame dango, soy sauce dango, red bean dango and so on so forth. Supposedly today I made a ‘bocchan dango‘, although the colours are much darker than they’re supposed to be – i’ll explain that in the tutorial:

1. Dango is really very easy to make! You need translucent clay split up into three parts and the tiniest, tiniest amount of pink and green just to ‘tint’ the clay. If you use too much you’ll end up with dango like mine – very dark. Even though the colour might look like light pink in clay form, once you bake it it’ll end up dark like mine so keep that in mind.

2. Roll your dango into balls and stack them on top of each other. Place your toothpick next to your dango and measure out how much you’ll need to cut from your toothpick – a step that I completely forgot in this picture haha. Then gently thread your dango onto your toothpick, making sure the toothpick is going through the center of your dango. Bake your dango like this but keep an eye on the skewer – i’m paranoid when it comes to wood and ovens.

3. Ah just ignore the organic chemistry in the background – I obviously slacked off my study and started making dango tutorials! Anyway when you’ve baked your dango and you need to glaze it, stick your toothpick into a bit of clay you don’t want. That way you can glaze all around without making a mess!



  1. Now I want to eat and make some dango!
    (I am going to get some rice flour in a few weeks, I think I’ll post a tut on how to make them than ;) )

  2. Wow! Great tutorials and thanks for dropping by at my blog. Love the comments! Dangos are delicous!

    • Thanks for coming to may blog too! I would love to have dango one day and thank you for liking my tutorials :).

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