Ice cream cone tutorial

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Just going to apologise in advance for some dodgy picture quality and lighting because I didn’t make this at my usual desk with better lighting. I wanted to watch I Dream of Jeannie while I was working today so I was in the TV room but with terrible lighting.

Polymer clay ice cream is the bane of my existence. Honest to God it takes me about an hour to make one measly scoop of ice cream because I have to keep redoing the clay to make it look right. Ice cream cones aren’t any better! They look easy and innocent but for some reason I just can’t make them look remotely realistic. I don’t aim for perfect realism in my items but, well… you know.

Read on for the b-grade ice cream cone tutorial:

1. Start off with a fat oval of dough coloured clay. Smoosh the shorter sides down a bit so it’s a little rectangular.

2. Roll it into a flat rectangle-oval.

3. (This is where the bad picture quality really starts shining through) Find a tool that has a very thin edge, for example a blade. The purple thing i’m holding is a Sculpey clay molding tool which hasn’t actually been very helpful so far, so don’t bother buying one. In fact I tried this out with a blade after I took the pictures and the blunt end of the blade worked best.

4. Make a grid pattern with the tool of your choice.

5. And roll up your cone! Haha that’s my knee in the background because I sit like L from Death Note.

To attach your ice cream to your cone I suggest baking them separately and then gluing them together. I’d also suggest ‘stuffing’ the inside of your cone with some colour of clay you don’t like (since you can’t see it anyway) so that it looks more solid.



  1. Thankyou !!!
    I wanted to try your tutorials tonight but my clay is laying the garage and I have to go outside to get it and it’s raining so it’s for tomorrow evening ;)

    • I wish it were raining here! It’s like 35 degrees celsius and super hot – all my clay feels like it’s melting!

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