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I love waffles. I could eat them all day and all night. My favourite waffle is the Liege waffle which is a dense, sugary waffle eaten with no toppings. That is why my technique for waffles produces round waffles – Liege waffles don’t come rectangular or heart shaped! Though technically Liege waffles don’t have toppings either, they look better this way.

Read on for the tutorial:

To make the waffle pattern on the waffles you’ll need to make a mold for the pattern. I make my molds out of Sculpey Moldmaker clay, though I know that there are other materials for mold making out there but unfortunately I don’t know much about them. Make sure that whatever material you decide to use in the end makes flexible molds – it’s easier to get your waffle out that way. If you don’t want to buy mold making supplies then polymer clay will also do, but it will be a lot harder to use. I will list the issues with using polymer clay as your mold as we go.

To make the mold:

1. Roll your clay into a relatively large fat oval. Make sure it’s somewhat thick.  If you are using Sculpey Moldmaker clay wrap the oval up in some cling wrap and place it in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

2. Using a thin round tool, like a skewer, make a deep grid indentations on your clay. If you are using regular polymer clay you may find that the clay will start curving. There’s not much you can do about this but softer clays curl less. After you’ve made indentations all over the clay cut the clay in two down the middle. Bake/harden according to instructions.

3. Here is a picture of a finished mold made by Sculpey Moldmaker.

4. I made this mold out of regular polymer clay and it’s a little hard to see here, but the bottom is curved a little. This makes it a little difficult to use, but not impossible.

Making the waffle

1. Make a fat round disk with your dough coloured clay.

2. Press disk between the mold so that you end up with a flattened bit of dough. If you made a polymer clay mold you must liberally brush your mold with baby powder or something similar (I use cosmetic face powder because it’s readily available in my house and sort of blends in with the clay colour) otherwise the clay will stick to the mold. Not only will it ruin your waffle, it will also ruin your mold.

3.  Carefully take the waffle off the mold. This is why flexible molds are better than hard ones because you can sort of ‘peel’ the mold off the waffle instead of peeling the waffle off the mold.

4. To make your waffle look like it has been baked (ironed?) to golden perfection brush some pastel pigment onto your waffle. More detailed instructions can be found at my browning tutorial.

For fruit toppings ideas click here.



  1. Thankyou !!
    I think I am going to try and make a mold with polymar clay (could I also use some airdrying clay?)
    I love liège waffles too ^^ There’re from Belgium! (where I live :p), ever tried Waffles from Brussels? (they are super good too!)

    • I haven’t tried waffles from Brussels yet actually! Unfortunately where I live waffles aren’t even popular… it’s very sad! But i’ll definitely try them one day when I can.

      You could try air dry clay for your mold – i’ve never tried before. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, you would have to brush it with powder as well I think.

  2. Moni says

    wow, this is an interesting way to make waffles! I’ve loved making minature foods for two or three years now and it was always the waffle that tripped me up and made me wonder, “just how the $!&# did they make them D:” I wish I saw this before I caved and bought a rather pricy set of oyumaru mold makers and a few waffle cabochons n__n; (and tbh I don’t know why I had to buy oyumaru when the Sculpy mold maker that you use is readily available where I live… orz)

    Thanks very much for posting this! I’m definitely going to try to make some molds with your method as soon as I can ^^

    • Thank you very much! But I actually prefer using Oyumaru for this, it’s just when I wrote my review I didn’t have any Oyumaru yet. Sculpey moldmaker is actually horrible and I was going to make a review on Oyumaru soon. Sculpey moldmaker is really hard to work with because it’s super soft so you have to put it in the fridge first, then the mold actually breaks after not many uses so i’m constantly remaking my mold.

      What issues are you having with Oyumaru? Because I am loving that stuff and all my waffles are turning out pretty good with it.

  3. Moni says

    Ah, really? o3o I’ve heard complaints about Sculpey mold maker being too soft as well… so soft that it’s even recommended to use as a clay softener for old polymer clays, LOL. And it breaks too? I guess it’s a good thing that you get so much product, unlike oyumaru P: The reusable thing is also what made me eventually pick it.

    I actually haven’t started using it yet; it’s still sitting in its cute package on my desktop. xD;; I saw a Japanese blog where they used it to make molds of Oreos as well as cabochons so I’ve been waiting to get around to buy those. But if I have time tomorrow (school work asdfjkl) I’ll first try your waffle method. :D

    • Good luck! You might have to change your grid sizes and stuff sometimes, that’s why I like Oyumaru because sometimes I make them too big or too small.

  4. gydraceadiame says

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