Clay ice cream texture tutorial

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Polymer clay ice cream is the thing I like to make the least! I find it incredibly hard and the shape is never right. But I have mastered the art of ice cream texture after many months of frustration! Now I just need to learn how to shape the stupid ball into an ice cream shape. The ice cream I made in the picture above are all flukes – and even then some of them don’t look right. Especially the bottom chocolate-white swirly ice cream – the shape is very wonky. Therefore this tutorial will only be on the texture of ice cream, not how to shape it to look like ice cream.

The trick is to use the right clay. Sculpey III, which is the clay I usually use, is much too soft for this. Ice cream texture includes a lot of fine intricate detail which soft clays can’t retain.¬† You need to use a very firm clay.I suggest using Fimo or air dry clay – or I suppose chilling some Sculpey in the fridge and taking great care not to handle it too much when you take it out will also work. The ice cream I have pictured above is made from air dry clay, and the tute uses Fimo clay.

1. So start off with a ball like this.

2. And scrape at the surface of the clay with your fingernail. It’s hard for me to show in pictures, but just scratch lightly at the clay.

3. And there you have it – ice cream texture. Unfortunately I too don’t know where to go from here – i’m not very good at shaping the ice cream into an ice cream shape! Does anyone have a good tip at making polymer clay ice cream?



  1. thanks for the tutorial! very helpful~

    i use air dry clay for ice cream. it’s very easy with this type of clay to do ice cream texture. for the shape, i use a measuring spoon and it works great… haven’t tried yet, but it may work for polymer clay as well!

    • Thank you very much for reading my blog and liking my tutorial! I have tried the measuring spoon method before but mine is not deep/round enough to look good. I will try again – I was thinking making a mold for it like I did with the waffle. I’ll definitely try again, thank you again!

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