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I’ve always loved crafts.  I started with a book on making your own jewellery when I was 10 years old. Then I tried to make my own paper at 12 years old. When I was 13 I told my mum that I wanted to start a candle and soap stall at a local market (she laughed) and when I was 15 I learnt to crochet. But I was never good at any of these things. I wasn’t good at beading or paper making, and I didn’t have the patience for crochet. Last year I went to Japan and browsed a bookstore for some amigurumi books. Instead of buying an amigurumi book I left the store with a book on mini clay sweets and i’ve fallen in love with the craft ever since.

I hope this blog will be a home to my crafty endeavours but also as a home to my angry rants and other hobbies. I also hope to include many tutorials on a variety of subjects but mostly on clay because that is what i’m good at. In fact I plan on opening the blog with my first tutorial on how to get a burnt-browned colour on the top of baked goods.

This is just a quickie tutorial on how to get that browned look on top of things. I decided to make this tutorial first because I had so much trouble with this! But anyway here goes:

You’ll need:

  • Small paintbrush
  • Brown soft powder pastel

1. Firstly… you need your piece of pastry that you want to brown.

2. Rub your pastel on a piece of paper so that it’s all powdery. Pick up some pigment from the paintbrush. It’s easier to work with a small amount of pastel and build up than to put too much pastel on your pastry first.

3. Brush your pigment all over your pastry. Note that raised parts of the pastry will pick up more pastry and become darker. Keep this in mind. (Sorry about the blurry picture… just can’t keep hand still when i’m just using one hand.)

4. And here you are, your browned pastries!



  1. Oh that’s clever! I always wondered about the colouring! I picked up some air dry clay recently so I’ve been looking around for tutorials on how to make cute things, I really like how yours are set out, I hope you make more :D

  2. Thanks Violet! I’ll definitely make more tutes and i’m glad you found this one helpful. A tip on air dry clay: if yours is pure white then you can use pastel shavings to colour it. Just shave some off and knead it into the clay until the clay is a uniform colour. It’s more thrifty than buying lots of different colours (but I got lazy and ended up buying pre coloured clay again!)

  3. oooh smart !!
    Also that comment about mixing pastels with white airdrying clay, I bought some the other day and I have pastel laying around which aren’t very good quality to dry with…
    (damn I want to do this now but all the stuff is lying at home …)

  4. Lim eCha says

    The final result is very sweet! looks like real.. :lol:
    lovely turitorial!
    thanks for sharing..and lemme link you on my blogroll.. :-D

  5. nyx says

    hi. i just found out about your site. it is a really great one, i must say

    oh yeah, i have some problems about baking the clay though. i don’t know how to!! pls help? pls pls

  6. ella king says

    oh my goodness, this is the best site ever!!!!!!!! i have searched the web for AGES looking for how to brown miniature polymer clay foods :D
    thankyou so much your website is going to my favourites!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aslo can i bake the clay while it has the brown powder on it or do i need to powder it afterwards?????

    • Thank you so much! I’m really, really over the top grateful to you!
      You can bake clay with the brown powder on it, it’s absolutely fine.

  7. Laura says

    Do you have any idea of what the brown color you’re using is called? I bought a 36 set at my craft store and keep wasting clay trying to figure out which one to use =.=;

    • The technical name for the colour is brown sienna. Should be a medium, red-ish brown. I’m sorry about the wasting clay, but sigh, it’s part of the craft :(.

      • Laura says

        Yeah I know right? Haha, it’s okay it’s good to learn! Thanks for the help, pleaseeeee keep doing tutorials I learn SO much from yours. You’re pretty much my go to.

    • Minty1235 says

      Oh yea and also u r really good tutorialist! Srry about the bad English but I’m in a bit of a rush… But I am still
      wondering if u have 2 use the powder pastels because I only have oil pastels and not chalk… =.=;

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